About Fair Trade

The fair trade movement was founded over 65 years ago in the United States to help workers in developing countries. Since then, it has spread globally, and probably has its strongest following in Europe where fair trade products are common. The goal is to:

  • Pay artisans a fair wage in the local context.
  • Provide health care and educational opportunities.
  • Ensure that working conditions are safe and healthy.
  • Eliminate forced overtime without pay.
  • Prohibit the exploitation of child labor.
  • Not allow discrimination or sexual exploitation.
  • Involve employees in decision-making processes.
  • Use sustainable environmental practices.

Revy provides each coop with:

  • A fair price with cash advances and prompt payments
  • Collaboration on designs and production methods
  • Transparency by sharing costs and pricing
  • Long term relationships with job security

fair trade

fair trade

We believe that:

All workers have the right of association to form their own coop, receive a living wage, and work without fear of abuse or their own safety. Economic justice and social justice cannot be separated.

Want to Learn More?

There are a multitude of resources which can teach you about the fair trade movement. Start with the Fair Trade Resource Network to explore what other groups and individuals are doing to help the cause. Look into becoming a Fair Trade Town and supporting the movement locally.

Within the United States and Canada, the Fair Trade Federation supports suppliers and lists their products. On the global level, check out the World Fair Trade Organization. This will teach you about movements throughout the world. Fair trade is growing. Be a part of it, and be involved.

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