From Concept to Creation: How Our Artisan Relationships Drive Progress

From Concept to Creation: How Our Artisan Relationships Drive Progress

We at Revy rely on our artisans and their uncanny ability to interpret sometimes vague  and develop well-crafted accessories for market.

For example, our new Sky necklace from La Mora Jicambú went through several iterations during the creation process.

It started as a notion in the weeks following Ron's passing, as Mary started noticing a blue jay "checking in" on her. She felt it was a manifestation of his spirit, as Ron's striking blue eyes were a memorable feature, and the bird had not appeared to her before his passing.

This association became a powerful one, and she shared it with me. I suggested a symbolic piece in his honor. It seemed fitting.

The rough idea was: something blue, similar to the "Leaf" necklace design, featuring a bird in flight.

We sent a request to the co-op.

A week or so later, they came back with a few designs.

The artisans veritably nailed the concept with minimal direction, and our only necessary feedback was choosing between one bird or two, and tweaking the color a bit. We were able to place an order right away, and received the complete shipment just one month after the initial request.

In the world at large, it is rare to mesh so well with artisans. But not so rare for us. We are grateful for the positive, personal exchanges we regularly enjoy with our craftspeople, including the women of La Mora Jicambú.

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