Here Is How Your Donations Have Directly Helped in El Salvador

Here Is How Your Donations Have Directly Helped in El Salvador

Thanks to the donations and facemask orders coming from more than ten states and several countries, Revy Fair Trade was able to send a total of $723 dollars to the artisans and their families in El Salvador. We shared the donations between nine co-ops and families.

While $723 might not seem like a lot for someone living in the United States, in El Salvador, many people live on just a few dollars a day. The two economies are not comparable. And because of the Covid-19 lockdown, the people of El Salvador have not been able to work, which means the conditions have been quite dire.

Thanks to the generous individuals who have donated or purchased a facemask from Revy, we were able to raise funds that were wired straight to those that need this money right now. We sent about 90 percent of the money we raised, only setting aside funding for shipping, manufacturing and material costs. As we explained to one patron who purchased two facemasks for $20, $18 from that order went directly to El Salvador.

We recently heard from Evelyn (last name redacted for her privacy) from the Jaraguá co-op, who also sent us pictures.

(Translated from Spanish)

Good day, dear Mary,

[We] want to thank you for the blessing...shared with us. We split the money in equal amounts and everyone [was able to] buy what he needed in his family. Don Jose said he thanked [you], but did not take photo. My partner, Rosita, and I, we want to share with photo:

Thank you, dear Mary. God bless you and all the angels who are helping us to succeed in this difficult process of the pandemic.

And we at Revy Fair Trade also want to thank you for helping us help our friends in El Salvador. As we've said before, we're all in this together.

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