More Stories from El Salvador's Coronavirus Quarantine

More Stories from El Salvador's Coronavirus Quarantine

 As we posted last week, the quarantine in El Salvador has had a devastating effect on the economy there. It is common in El Salvador to live on what you earn day-to-day. But when you are unable to work, and under threat of arrest should you leave your home, it is difficult to imagine what your world will look like once this pandemic is over.

Revy Fair Trade is holding an Emergency Fundraiser for our artisans and co-ops in El Salvador.

Below are two more stories from inside the quarantine.

Francisco Rivas

Taller del abuelo

My name is Francisco, I live in La Libertad and I have been working in El taller del abuelo since the workshop opened 19 years ago.

For me, the country is going through a situation I have never seen before. The Covid-19 [outbreak] is taking many lives around the world. I feel concerned about  what is going to happen after the quarantine because I have a baby, and I support my family on what I [earn] in the workshop. I help Mr. José making the handicrafts.

[Currently] I am not working. [It] is very difficult because I am living [off the] money I had saved some time ago. I am worried about how we are going to set up the sales after this situation because the economy is, and will be, very affected. National and International help is going to be required to start over. [I pray to] God that we are going to be back soon because many families depend on El taller del abuelo.


Guadalupe Hernández

Taller del abuelo

My name is Guadalupe. I am 22 years old. I live in comunidad Distrito Italia and I have been working with Mr. José for 2 years. I help him painting the handicrafts and that is the way I can get money to go to the university.

El Salvador, as well as other countries, is in crisis from Covid19. The government is controlling this situation by trying to improve our health system that is deficient. Right now, everybody is afraid to get coronavirus. Most of Salvadorian people are at home in quarantine, following president’s instructions. On the other hand, there are many people, like me, so worried because the food is going to [be gone] soon.

My family is [wondering] what is going to happen after this situation. In this period of quarantine, we are looking [for] another way to generate income, which is so difficult because the shutdown. Personally, I hope this [is over] soon so I can go back to the workshop, because I need to support my family and I need to cover the [cost] of the university as soon as possible.

In addition to our emergency fundraiser, you can also help by sending a donation directly to Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (Center for Exchange and Solidarity).

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