Another Family Offers Thanks for Your Contributions

Another Family Offers Thanks for Your Contributions

As we shared with you earlier, thanks to your donations and the sale of our handmade, CDC-compliant facemasks, Revy Fair Trade was able to send $723 to our artisan friends and their families in El Salvador. Shared between several co-ops, the money was able to offer some relief during the strict quarantine, as many people there live on the money they earn each day. When they can't work, they can't earn.

Here is another thank-you note we recently received from the Taller del Abuelo co-op. More importantly, it is a thank you to those of you who either purchased a Revy product or donated directly to our emergency fundraiser:

First, El Taller del Abuelo wants to say thank you for your solidarity in this crisis we are going through. Your help has been a blessing for all the artisians of our community. We could buy food, what is essential to survive in this period of quarantine. In this workshop, there are three people working [full-time] and six people temporarily, because they live in other [parts] of El Salvador.

At the moment, we don’t have any idea how are we going to continue working. We don’t know how long the emergency will last. It will become difficult for us to market our products. But if you, as a friend of Revy, can continue bringing support to us as you have been doing, it’s going to help many families in our community that have been affected by this pandemic.

We feel stress, uncertainty and fear. Making handicrafts from home helps us in a therapeutic way. As you already know, everything is paralyzed and we cannot sell our product, and we didn’t get the government’s support. However, thanks to your help we have food on our table. We try to give each other moral support. Thank God we find friends like you who, despite living a similar experience as ours, are there working to help other people.

Thank you for your solidarity and love. We send you a big hug from El Salvador.

Your donations and purchases make a real, practical and immediate difference. We will continue our efforts, and we thank you for helping us help those who need it the most. We're all in this together.

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